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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Haul! (Nordstroms, PINK, Lush, MAC, etc.)

Hey Ladies! Its Cladia here to do a little mall haul. I went shopping yesterday for a dress for this father daughter dance we have coming up. I also went shopping about a month ago and thought I would combine the two into a haul.

First off, my dress...

This dress is gorgeous! Purchased from BP of Nordstroms. I normally have gone for flowy dresses when I have needed them but when I say the draping and one shoulder I had to try it on. The tighter fit is a nice change and I absolutely love it! Now for my other Nordstroms purchases....

These earrings are super cute! I may wear them to the dance depending on the shoes I choose, but I will of course wear them for other occasions because they are just so pretty and delicate!

These scarfs are great, they are extremely soft and the fun style of them is so great to play around with. I love them and I feel like they are such a big statement for winter, yet still comfortable and easy to wear.

From PINK....I did get some new yoga pants. Im sure you all know what they look like, but mine are currently in the wash because I have been wearing them wayyy too much lately. They also don't have the photo of my specific yoga pants online. But they are really cute! The band is simple, navy blue with a lilacy-purple writing that says Love Pink. Really cute! I also got a few other things at PINK but I doubt you guys wanna see those...haha:)

Next from Lush, I haven't been there for goodness 6 monthes? Crazy! But I absolutely love their Christmas collections and had to get my hands on some of it. Sadly my Lush didn't have everything yet and they only had a few of the christmas things I had wanted. But I did stock up on 2 things, haha didn't hurt my wallet as much as I thought it would going into Lush..

This smells heavenly! Its special for Christmas. I can't quite describe the scent. Its just everything I could wish for in a Christmas scent. I love it. I haven't actually used it though, so I don't have any clue how much it will change in the water.

My all time favorite lush product. Butterball smells of everything I love. Especially vanilla. The scent is wonderful but not so vanilla that it is overpowering, sweet but still calming. I absolutely love it and everytime I bathe in it I feel at peace.

Now at MAC, I purchased one thing. Craving lipstick. I wanted this one because first off, its a fabulous fall color. But secondly I wanted something a bit deeper but not full on red for the dance. So I looked into their lipsticks and decided Craving was the one for me. Enjoy...
I apologize for not the best lighting in the world, but oh my isn't that color wonderful!? The pigmentation on this lipstick is amazing. I have 2 other MAC lipsticks, and I have to say although they are both pigmented, both are light and pink colors and they are a bit too...milky? This is full on pigment and it just makes my lips amazing. Love this lipstick soo much! And don't forget the amazing vanilla scent!

Well thats it for the haul! Hope you enjoyed, and have a great day!
Love, Claudia


  1. I loove that lipstick, I just got it a few weeks ago :) xo