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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Adding a pop of Color!

Hey guys! Todays post is about adding a small touch of color into your everyday eye look. I wouldn't say I'm very adventurous when it comes to everyday, but lately it has been getting super boring! So I have been incorporating a small amount of color into my look.

The first way is though eyeliner. I love putting colored eyeliner on my waterline. My fav is Minted by MAC, which is a teal but I also love the Wet n' Wild eyeliner that you can get for .99! My favorite colors for it are purple, blue, and green!

The next way is through lipstick. I'm not a big lip person, but lately I have been into lipstick. If you are going to go bold however, make sure that the rest of your look is very simple. My favorite lipstick for this is Lovelorn by MAC which is a brighter pink. My favorite colors for it are pink, red, and coral!

I know this was short, but I thought that it was interesting. Have fun exploring color! Until next time...

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