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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Staying Germ Free!

  Hey guys its Sophie! Today's post is going to be about staying germ free, especially during the upcoming cold season.  I am going to be sharing with you guys my favorite PocketBac's from Bath and Body Works.  I really love these because they are small enough to put in your purse, they have amazing scents, and they are only $1.50 or 5/$5!! Lets get started...

Those are my absolute favorites!! I have a few that I'm not crazy about, so make sure when you are in the store that you ACTUALLY smell them :)  Until Next Time....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to our amazing readers! Its Claudia and I just wanted to tell you all how thankful I am for of course my family, my friends, my home, education, etc. However, one thing I have always been passionate about is the arts, and fashion and makeup. I feel through our blog I have a chance to explore new interests and learn more about the industry I love. Thank you to all 24 of our followers, and others that even just occasionally read our blog. Thank you for more than 1,400 views! It means the world. For every comment that we get on our posts, it means you are reading and are curious about what we think, that is what makes this all worth it. Having people that care about what Sophie and I have to say. Thank you for standing by us even when we are busy and can't post as much as we please. You guys are the best and keep reading! With Christmas coming up I have a lot of fun, themed posts planned.
Lastly, because of course the day following Thanksgiving is no other than Black Friday, what are you guys doing for Black Friday? What stores are you going to be hitting up at midnight? 3 am? Stores I know that are having sales:
On Friday, 11/25 at 9AM PST up until Midnight you can use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY to snatch up as much as you want for 40% off your total purchase!
For black friday MAC is bringing back their Black Knight lipstick. Fitting right? But your must snatch it up on black friday. After that it goes away again.

Philosophy is having doorbusters as they usually do.
If you are a hardcore Urban Outfitters lover you know their sale doesn't always compare to what you wish it would be. However last year for Black Friday I found amazing things for 50% off from the sale section. If you get there early, before it gets chaotic, you may find amazing things!

And of course Sephora is going all out this year! They have 10 items for... $10!! Yes insane. I also heard rumor that if you get there before 6 am you can also get an additional 20% off your entire purchase. Look into it because thats what I heard.

Happy shopping! Leave comments below about other deals you know about!
Do you have Black Friday fever? Hopefully not this bad...
Either way have a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday!
Happy Holidays, Love Claudia

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mascara Favorites!

Hey girlies, its Sophie!! Today, I'm going to be showing you three of my absolute favorite mascaras! Lets get started:

Covergirl LashBlast Length
This mascara gives amazing length, and is great to have it be a base mascara.  You do need to apply a few coats, but once you do your lashes will be crazy long!

Great Lash Big
This is my favorite mascara ever! It is crazy black, super curling, lifting, and volumizing.  I put this on after a lengthening mascara, and my lashes are super dramatic! I like that the formula is more wet, that way you can keep on reapplying coats!

Mac Zoom Lash
This is a good mascara overall. It adds length, volume, and curl! The formula is also pretty wet and it applies easily.  I would recommend Great Lash Big more, plus it is less expensive.  So overall, Zoom Lash is a great mascara, but only if you want to splurge.

Lancome Definicils
This is my absolute favorite mascara however it is very expensive.  But it is crazy lengthening, volumizing, and defying.  I absolutely love it and this that it is definitely worth the money for it.

I hope this helped you guys know what my personal favorite mascaras are!  Make sure to leave the name of your favorite mascara down in the comments!  Until next time...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Current Top 5 Favorite Drugstore Lipsticks

Hey Guys, its Claudia! Today I really wanted to do a post on my current favorite drugstore lipsticks.
I love lipsticks! I always have had a love for lip gloss and especially in the past year I have become extremely fond of lipstick. I have different obsessions over smokey eyes, or bronzed cheeks, or bright lips. And currently I am in an obsession for lip products. With the coming of winter it gets dry and I am constantly curious if my lips are dry or not, pigmented or not. So expect a few more lip posts to come soon. Anyways...I love lipstick, and although there are higher quality lipsticks out there drugstore lipsticks, in my opinion, are the most fun. You can try so many and there is amazing selection to choose from. So I am gonna shut up now, and show you guys some photos! Enjoy!

Maybelline "Warm Me Up"
Its a beautiful nude pink. Its more of a brown nude, not a light, pale, im dead kind of nude. Its very pretty and would work with any makeup look or outfit. It is extremely creamy and pigmented. Although there is a scent to the Maybelline lipsticks it is better then the majority of drugstore lipsticks. Lastly, I find the cubes extremely fun packaging!

Revlon Matte "Pink Pout"
It is a very pretty cool toned, pink. Some would think that the matte would be too drying but I dont, just make sure your lips aren't dry before you apply. I love this lipstick and although it is matte, I feel it makes my lips look amazing and full, yet cute and girly. The pigment is fantastic, and the packaging is just average. Nice and easy to carry around.

Rimmel Lasting Finish "Airy Fairy"
What a classic drugstore lipstick, and for good reason. This is a beautiful shade that I find to be the perfect pink for fall. I absolutely love everything about this lipstick. The beautiful mauve pink shade to the cute packaging, to the creamy formula and nice scent. Its definatly a drugstore winner!
(the pictures make it look nude, but it truly is mauve pink)
Rimmel Moisture Renew "Vintage Pink"
Ok this is literally the funnest fall shade ever. Ok...along with MAC's Craving. But this is such a drugstore winner, the formula is phenominal! I did not imagine it would be so great but wow it exceeded my expectations. First off, everyone says it isn't wearable. But I really don't find it that dark especially if you only do one or two coats, it already has a full and even application with just one coat! The packaging, although a bit tacky is adorable. The only thing I hate is the scent! Think L'oreal lipsticks.

Maybelline "Summer Sunset"
It is the same as the other Maybelline in formula and packaging, however there is one key difference. This is no nude lipstick. This is a BEAUTIFUL red! I love red lipstick, although I don't wear it often I have a few and this one is the one that lately of all of them, I have been wearing a ton! I don't know what it is but this seems like a wearable red. Even though it is dark. I just feel it looks beautiful and delicate against fair skin and dramatic and fun against dark skin. Love!
(the photos make it look brownish, but trust me its red)
And lastly swatches....
Maybelline Warm Me Up, Revlon Pink Pout, Rimmel Airy Fairy, Rimmel Vintage Pink, Maybelline Summer Sunset

Enjoy! And please, please, please look into these! They are amazing lipsticks and all deserve even more praise then I could ever give them. Have a great Friday!
Love, Claudia

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Boot Guide!

Hey guys its Sophie! Today I'm going to do my fall boot guide that shows four different boots: riding, boho, short,  and warm. Lets get started:

This boot is perfect for ever day wear because it looks good with everything! It also comes in lots of various lengths and colors. My favorite is one from Enzo Angiolini because it has everything I want in it including side buckles, zipper along the other side, riding boot detail on the top and bottom, along with half lacing on the bottom.

Enzo Angiolini $100

These are amazing boots if you going for a chill yet put together look.  Mine are from Minnetonka Moccasins and they are about ankle length.

Minnetonka Moccasin $60

I think short boots are nice if you are going for more of an edgier feel.  I'm wouldn't say that mine are very edgy at all, but they do have that "outside of your comfort zone" kind of feel.  I don't know the brand of these, but I'm sure there are some similar ones out there.  Mine just having lacing all the way up in the front.


When it comes to wanting warmth in you boots, I would highly recommend investing in some good quality ones.  My all time favorites are from UGG Australia.  They are expensive, but you can have them for a long time.  My favorite style is the tall boots, because you can wear them tall, or fold them over.  They aren't the best boots for snow, so I personally wear a short pair when I'm trekking through snow.  If you do invest, they will last you a LONG time! I have had my short pair for four years now, and they are still going strong!

Ugg Australia Tall in Gray $175

Boots are something that you really want to invest in and splurge.  If you get a cheaper boot, it is pretty likely that you will only be able to wear them for one season before they break.  So do your research and find out which boot you think you would wear the most. I hope you guys enjoyed! Until next time...
XOXO, Sophie

Haul! (Nordstroms, PINK, Lush, MAC, etc.)

Hey Ladies! Its Cladia here to do a little mall haul. I went shopping yesterday for a dress for this father daughter dance we have coming up. I also went shopping about a month ago and thought I would combine the two into a haul.

First off, my dress...

This dress is gorgeous! Purchased from BP of Nordstroms. I normally have gone for flowy dresses when I have needed them but when I say the draping and one shoulder I had to try it on. The tighter fit is a nice change and I absolutely love it! Now for my other Nordstroms purchases....

These earrings are super cute! I may wear them to the dance depending on the shoes I choose, but I will of course wear them for other occasions because they are just so pretty and delicate!

These scarfs are great, they are extremely soft and the fun style of them is so great to play around with. I love them and I feel like they are such a big statement for winter, yet still comfortable and easy to wear.

From PINK....I did get some new yoga pants. Im sure you all know what they look like, but mine are currently in the wash because I have been wearing them wayyy too much lately. They also don't have the photo of my specific yoga pants online. But they are really cute! The band is simple, navy blue with a lilacy-purple writing that says Love Pink. Really cute! I also got a few other things at PINK but I doubt you guys wanna see those...haha:)

Next from Lush, I haven't been there for goodness 6 monthes? Crazy! But I absolutely love their Christmas collections and had to get my hands on some of it. Sadly my Lush didn't have everything yet and they only had a few of the christmas things I had wanted. But I did stock up on 2 things, haha didn't hurt my wallet as much as I thought it would going into Lush..

This smells heavenly! Its special for Christmas. I can't quite describe the scent. Its just everything I could wish for in a Christmas scent. I love it. I haven't actually used it though, so I don't have any clue how much it will change in the water.

My all time favorite lush product. Butterball smells of everything I love. Especially vanilla. The scent is wonderful but not so vanilla that it is overpowering, sweet but still calming. I absolutely love it and everytime I bathe in it I feel at peace.

Now at MAC, I purchased one thing. Craving lipstick. I wanted this one because first off, its a fabulous fall color. But secondly I wanted something a bit deeper but not full on red for the dance. So I looked into their lipsticks and decided Craving was the one for me. Enjoy...
I apologize for not the best lighting in the world, but oh my isn't that color wonderful!? The pigmentation on this lipstick is amazing. I have 2 other MAC lipsticks, and I have to say although they are both pigmented, both are light and pink colors and they are a bit too...milky? This is full on pigment and it just makes my lips amazing. Love this lipstick soo much! And don't forget the amazing vanilla scent!

Well thats it for the haul! Hope you enjoyed, and have a great day!
Love, Claudia