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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Incorporating Tribal

   Hey guys!! Its Sophie, and i am going to be talking about the tribal theme.  I am sure we have all heard about this boho, native trend.  It has a beautiful effortless look, while still using breathtaking patterns.  I am going to be talking about how to incorporate this trend- bold and subtle- into your outfits.


Accessories are so easy to incorporate into your looks. In the first picture shows a very beautiful scarf that is so easy to wear.  You could easily throw this on over a plain white t' to spice it up.
Nordstrom $18

The second item is a colorful headband.  The reason that this is so easy to wear, is that it has so many different colors in it.  You can just incorporate one of the colors in the headband into your outfit.

Forever 21 $3.80

This piece of clothing is very simple but yet elegant.  It has the tribal looking front and then a beautiful lace back.  You can pair this with a simple pair of jeans.

Hollister $49.50
  I really like this skirt because of the print.  It has a gorgeous tribal print to it, that you can incorporate with a plain t-shirt.  Add a necklace, and there you have a beautiful tribal outfit!

Nordstrom $26

 This necklace is very feathery and bold! The blue is a gorgeous color that plays well with the feathers.  When incorporating this into your outfit it may be a bit more difficult.  I would pair this with a white lace shirt, with some rolled boyfriend jeans.

Forever 21 $7.80

Now with this shirt, some people may be a bit scared to wear it. But, have no fear!! This shirt can be easy to wear, by just keeping the rest of your outfit simple.  Do natural makeup, with little to no jewelry.  This will help from having the outfit being too much.  A white pair of jean shorts would also work very well with this piece.

Forever 21 $15.80
   I hope this helped you, weather you will be going for the subtle look or the bold.  I am absolutely in love with this trend! Let me know what you guys thought.  Until next time...

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