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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Add Some Oomph To Your Outfit!

Hey Guys, its Claudia today. Now I don't know about you but there are some days that I literally think that there is no way in the world to get my outfit to look the way I want it to look. Well I have learned that with the right accessories you can really make your outfit pop. Plus with accessories it doesn't always require you to buy a new top you can simply switch up the accessories. Now here are some tips and things to add a bit of "oomph" to your outfits:)
Necklaces are so simple and can come in so many different sizes, colors, designs, shapes, etc. They add instant excitement to an outfit. Now I am going to talk about a few places to look out for necklaces and some necessities when it comes to necklaces.
One type of necklace that is very simple and easy to add to an outfit is long beaded or braided necklaces. If you don't know what I mean than they are just long necklace that probably come down a bit higher than your belly button. Here are a few I love!
(Both purchased at Forever21)

Another type of necklace is statement necklaces these are necklaces that have something that is big or loud, bright or trendy. A lot of popular statement necklaces lately involve feathers (mentioned in Sophie's last post) or fringe. Some involve big flowers or bows. Either way they all catch your attention. Check out some that really enhance my outfits!
(Purchased at Forever21)
(Purchased at

Lastly for necklaces are just small and sweet. Necklaces that are tiny and don't overpower an outfit but add a hint of girliness to an outfit.
(Purchased at

Now I am not the biggest fan of bracelets, personally they get in my way and you know you don't want to wear a dangling bracelet when you are running around. However a select few have made it into my jewelry collection and continue to excite me.

A big trend right now is having a bunch of bracelets all bundled together on the wrist. In these pictures you will see a more fancy put together duo that I love to wear with dresses or a cute skirt. While with the more casual loose bracelets (which actually are necklaces turned into bracelets) are great with a pair of jean shorts.
(Bracelet purchased at Forever21, Watch purchased at BP in Nordstroms)
(Necklaces turned bracelets purchased at Aerie)
Rings are quite an obsession of mine, although you have to be in the right mood to wear them I can never help myself but look at them. A big trend in rings are bows, which you will see 2 different types. One is fancy while the other is trendier. As another trend you will also see 2 different flower rings. One singular flower is popular in the form of roses and such, another popular flower ring is when flowers are all clustered together. Wooden rings have also seemed to take off.
(Betsey Johnson Ring, purchased at Nordstroms)
(Purchased at Forever21)
(Purchased at local boutique)
(Purchased at Forever21)
(Purchased at local boutique)
Hair Accessories
Headbands are so fun and easy to work with. One, they keep your hair out of your eyes. And two, they look so adorable on! Here are some favorites of mine and *hint, hint* normally I don't like headbands much either!
Braided and twisted headbands are easy and really easy to wear with a lot of things. One headband I want is a braided headband the color of my hair. Those are so cute! However it will take a while to find one that matches my dark blonde/light brown hair. Oh well..
(Gifted from
(Purchased at Aerie)

Crotchet or lace headbands add some classiness to an outfit. Plus the colors are so neutral they go with everything!
(Purchased at Aerie)
Lastly, this headband is hard to explain. I have seen things like it before and this is great with a dress or a lace top and shorts. I like wearing it so all the beading is on the side of my head. So, sorry about the odd angle!

(Purchased at PacSun)
Hair Ties
Not too much to say on these but one thing that is fun to do is do a side pony for some instant glam with a pretty outfit. Add a pony with a flower and head out for a fun day. It is so pretty and easy to do!
(Purchased at Aerie)
Scarves are such a great way to add excitement to an outfit. In winter they will help keep you warm, and don't worry you can wear them in summer too..just wear a light scarf! I like to simply wear scarves with tank tops or lace tops. It keeps the focus on your unique scarf for once, and not your clothes.

(Both purchased from Urban Outfitters)
One great tip I have for people with baggy tops or tunics: add a belt! Cinch around your waist and you are all good to go. Belts emphasize your figure when you would normally be drowning in fabric. A nice thin belt also looks adorable around a dress. Of course you have seen braided belts that literally go with everything that has a need for a belt. However, another cool belt is elastic belts. I like to wear the one below with a skirt and tank top. It helps seperate the two (and the waistband of the skirt is really bland!).
(Purchased at Urban Outfitters)
(Purchased at Forever21)
So that wraps up tonights post! I recommend going to Forever21 when on the pursuit of accessories. Seriously you never know what you might find and normally for only about $3! I love some of the pieces at because they are indie brands so they are all such unique pieces. Urban Outfitters is my love so of course I expect to find things there, however I am shocked at how many pretty accessories I have acquired at Aerie and American Eagle. Often they will have buy one, get one 50% off sales so it is worth the stop!
Thanks for reading and please comment, as a blogger I so appreciate feedback!
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As always, have a good night and I will see you guys soon!
Love, Claudia

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