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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Give it Some Pizzaz- a tutorial

   Hey guys! Its Sophie, and I am here to do an eye tutorial.  I do have to admit, it was hard getting the pictures, but i did it.  This look is very easy, simple, but yet very summery.  It involves lots of neutrals, but then a bold liner at the end.  Stay tuned to see how you can create this look!
(final look)

Step 1.  The first thing you want to do, is to prime your eyes so that the shadow stays on all day long. I'm using Sephora Perfecting Eye Primer. Now, you want to put a base on, so that your shadows have something to hold on to.  I'm using a pink tone, so that it gives off a little bit of color.  I just take my ring finger and apply Estee Lauder ShadowCreme in Pink Amethyst.

Step 2.  Apply a light shimmery color to your lid.  This can be a champagne, beige, etc.  I am using a color from Lancome in Filigree.

Step 3.  Apply a bronze carmel color to your crease.  You are going to want to blend this shadow down into your outer v of your eye as well.  Take a blending brush, and blend the two colors together. My color is from Lancome in Burnt Sand.

Step 4. Apply a dark matte brown directly on your outer v.  This will give your eye very good dimension.  When using both light and dark colors, it is very important to blend your shadows completely.  For this dark color I am using Sephora's Mat.

Step 5: Now take a pale shimmery pink and apply it right onto the middle part of your lid.  This is going to help ease the transition of the different colors.  Plus it will add a little something extra!  I am using a pink from a Chanel quad in Murano.

Step 6:  Now on to the fun part! I am taking a aqua jumbo pencil and lining my waterline.  This is going to create a sudden but colorful effect. My pencil is from Coastal Scents.

   There you have a simple neutral eye tutorial with a pop of color.  I love wearing this look in the summer because it has fun colors in it, without it being too much.  I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Until next time...
          Sophie ;)

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