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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

High School Tips: Football Game Edition

Hey Guys, its Claudia!
Today I thought I would introduce a new mini series I am going to be doing. This is a series of tips on all things high school. This first post will be about football games.
I don't know about you guys, but the football games at the schools near us are a big deal, including our own school. Hope you like these tips and give them a try!

Tip #1: What To Wear
-When you go to a school football game you want to show your school spirit. Try wearing a sweatshirt or tshirt with the school's name on it.
-Some of the football games such as the first home game, homecoming, etc. are a big deal and often people dress in the school's colors. Go all out in full blue, red, yellow, etc.
-If you don't have much spirit wear don't stress you can borrow from friends, or if you are trying to break the ice ask your crush if you can borrow his sweatshirt or tshirt. Its a classic and cute move.

Tip #2: Who To Go With
-When you go to a football you will obviously be surrounded by your friends and hang out with everyone at the game.
-However, who you show up with is important. If you come alone (which you should not do!) you won't know where everyone is and you will look like a bit of a loner.
-Instead come with 2-4 of your really close friends so you can be around people and prep for the game, but still hang out with everyone when you get there.

Tip #3: What To Do
-The #1 thing you will realize is you don't actually watch the game. The first game I went to for our school I didn't even know the school we played until after the game was done.
-Hang out in a big group of people, this is your chance to be open and social.
-MEET NEW PEOPLE! This is so important because so many people just shy away and hang out with people they already know. This is your chance to get to know a girl you haven't talked to much, or finally make a move on the guy you have been eyeing.
-Be outgoing and fun. If you are quiet and shy no one is going to pay attention. Be confident, outgoing and fun. This will make the night fun and people notice you. I used to be very shy but since high school started I am just so comfortable that this is an easy thing for me. However for those of you that are shy it will be a bit of a strech. But this should be a fun event, and if you don't look like you are having fun I have to guess you won't actually have fun.

Enjoy the game!
Hope this helps.
Love, Claudia

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