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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Beauty Reports

   Hey guys how was your weekend?  Mine was awesome! I did some major shopping for a dance I have coming up! Outfit of the Day for it??  Anyway, today's post is going to be on the beauty trends for this fall. Hope you enjoy!

   Bold brows:
This is one of my favorite trends! I think bold brow look absolutely stunning and breathtaking! The two easiest ways to do it is filling them in, or combing them upward.

 Combing- For combing your brows just take a brow/lash comb and instead of combing them normally comb them up!

 Filling-  When filling in your brows I like to use a brow powder or a matte eyeshadow. *Remember to go a few shades lighter than your hair color!  Here is an inexpensive powder:

ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit $3

     Spider Lashes:

Again another favorite! The spider lashes are bold, thick, and stunning! Plus its super easy to do!

Mascara- Put two coats of mascara on normally, then take the wand and curl up on the inside of your lashes just the opposite way!

The color crimson is the it color! My two favorite ways for incorporating crimson into my look is by eyeshadow, and lipstick.

Eyeshadow- This is my favorite way. I like putting a lighter shade of crimson on my lids, and then a copper on in my crease (tutorial coming up!) This is my favorite that I have been using all the time!:

Lancome Color Design Eyeshadow
in Model $18

Lipstick-This way is a little too bold for me, but great for lipstick lovers!

Mac lipstick in Morange $14.50

Now this trend you probably already know, the jewel tones.  The jewel tones are everywhere, clothing, lipstick, and of course nail polish! If you have been into a high end beauty store lately you have probably noticed a big display of Chanel nail polishes.  This is because Chanel made the "it" nail polish this season called Peridot.  Now I know that I cannot afford to pay $25 for one nail polish no matter how gorgeous.  So I found these two dupes that I will be picking up next time I am out.  There is a Orly nail polish in It's Not Rocket Science, and a China Glaze color in Zombie Zest:

Orly It's Not Rocket Science
I hope you guys liked this post of beauty trends ! Let me know which one was your favorite! Until next time...

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