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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Loves Tag!

Hey guys its Sophie! So today It is a perfect fall day, so I decided that I wanted to do a fall tag.  I saw this one going around and thought I would join in.  It is called the Fall Loves Tag and it was created by Bethany, or Macbarbie07 on YouTube. However I am just going to do the first question!
1. Top 5 fall makeup items?

-Benetint by Benefit.  This product gives me an amazing wash of color on my lips.  My favorite part about this stain is that you cant feel it! Plus it gives you rose tinted lips!

Benetint $29

 -Great Lash Big by Maybelline.  I know when we all here the name great lash, we think terrible quality.  But this mascara with the big wand is amazing!  It gives great lift and makes your lashes super dark!

-Eye Enhancer in Golden Sunrise by CoverGirl.  This eyeshadow is a very pretty gold.  It does have chunky glitter, but that is what I love about it! It gives such an interesting affect!

-Color Icon Trio in I'm Getting Sunburned by Wet n' Wild.  This is amazing! Claudia has a review on some of the trios so get her post out! These are amazingly pigments and the shades are GORGEOUS!

Liquid Eye Liner $7

- Liquid Eye Liner by NYX.  I really love this eyeliner because of how thin the brush is, and how easily it applies.  Also, once its on, its on!

Color Icon Trio $4

Eye Enhancer $5, Great Lash Big $5