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Friday, December 16, 2011

So Sorry!

Hey Guys its Claudia!
So sorry for our absence lately. Sophie and I go on break this coming week and school is pretty hectic with all the preparations for break, getting projects done, etc. But I promise over break I have a few posts lined up! Really excited to share my favorite products and trends of 2011 with you guys! I decided quickly to name a few things im loving...
1. Yummy Perfumes, like Burberry Brit, Miss Dior Cherie, Aqualina Pink Sugar, Marc Jacobs Daisy...(haha can you not tell I just tried them all on at Sephora today?)
2. Bath and Body Works holiday candles...yum! I love the vanilla scents and the Winter Wonderland scent! Make sure to pick yours up soon currently they are on sale 2 for $20!
3. Scarves and sweaters♥ I recently found a gorgeous pullover in the sale section of Anthropologie and it is a cream color. Pretty much any cream color I have such as my recent Anthropologie purchase, a vintage sweater picked up a few weeks ago and an oversized Urban Outfitters cardi have been constantly worn by me lately with scarves!
4. Knit hair bows! I love to knit and have recently been making a bunch. Heres a preview...
Comment below if I should do a tutorial, they are really easy to make!
5. Florence + The Machine, The Naked & Famous, MGMT. All have been loves of mine for sooo long but instead of listening to their newer music I have been going back and listening to some oldies of theirs. Oh and Backstreet Boys...haha awkward.

Those are the 5 things you need to know!
Ill be posting soon! Have a great weekend!
Love, Claudia

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