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Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Top Winter Nail Polish!

   Hey guys! So today I am going to be showing you my top winter nail polish! I don't think you guys know this, but I am completely obsessed with nail polish.  Its kinda bad...but hey, its all good :) I do have a lot to show, but I just couldn't take any out and know that this is the narrowed version! So lets get started...


I think classic red is absolutely gorgeous for the winter time, so I have a good mix of hues.  1) The first is a bright red with tiny shimmers in it. 2) This is a creme strawberry color with a bit of orangey hues in it. 3) This is my fav! Its a deep creamy plum. 

2) OPI 20 Candles on my Cake

3) OPI  Oh..To be 25 Again!

1) OPI Red *looks different in photo
I am obsessed with nudes in the fall and winter! 4)The first is my fav: also known as the Sophie color! It is a grayish purple color and is amazing. 5) This is a cement color that looks really pretty on.6 ) This is a shimmery champagne color that is really unique.
4) Sephora by OPI Metro Chic

5) SPARitual Mystic *can find at JUUT salon

6) Essie Buy me a Cameo

Dark nail polish is hard to wear in the summer, but in winter, it is easy to pull. 7) A shimmer black polish with chunky rainbow multi-shape glitter. 8) This is a black with silver shimmer, turning it into a gunmetal shade.

7) Sephora by OPI 212-Sephora

8) Forever 21 black/silver


I think greens and blues work very nicely in the winter. 9) This is a shimmer emerald green that is sheer but build able. 10) This is a royal blue with purple reflex.

9) NYC Big Money

I hope this helped you guys for when you are shopping for nail polish this season! Tell me your fav winter polish below! Until Next Time...

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