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Friday, August 19, 2011


  Hey guys so today I have a trend alert post, pointing out one of the hottest trends for fall: riding boots!

Yep there back again this season! Which is great, because you might already have a pair from last fall!  I absolutely love riding boots because they so easy to wear.  You can easily slip them on with a pair of jeans and a bolman shirt.  Throw on a pearl neckalce and riding boots and your good to go!  The only down thing about riding boots is the price.  Most boots start at $70 and go up.  I would however, reccomend spending that much on the boots and not buying them at a place like Forever 21.  You want them to be good quality and not cheaply made.  Here are a two that I like.

Nordstrom, $98

Nordstrom, $99

So in they are an investment but totally worth it!  Hope you guys liked this Trend Alert! blog!  Until next time...

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