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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to School Shopping

   Hey guys!! Can you believe that its already back to school time?! Its insane, however there is one good thing about back to school, SHOPPING! Now, I go to a private school which means i have to wear a uniform :( so I don't back to school shopping, but i do like to pick up a few pieces that I know I will need!  I'm going to tell you guys some staples that I think everyone needs, and some of my favorite stores to get them at! Lets go!!


Jeans are a must have for any season! You wear jeans pretty much everyday, so instead of splurging on a skirt you will wear once a month, splurge on jeans that you will wear every week! I recommend having four pairs of jeans that you absolutely love. Most people lean towards skinnies, but I think its nice to have a pair of boot cut too! I recommend splurging on jeans, to make sure that you get the best quality, so that they will wear forever!

Even if you don't like to shop at Hollister, you still need a pair of jeans from them.  They make your body look amazing! They hug your curves at the perfect points! Don't worry if you need to work harder then normal to get them on!! Just make sure that they are not too tight. Plus the butt pockets are adorable! 
Price: Around $50-60
Fit: Tight

American Eagle:
American Eagle jeans have a great relaxed fit to them. They are great for everyday comfort.  They are one of the best variety jean company.  Everyone will find a jean that they like there!
Price: $40-50


I know in the fall, winter, and spring season I am ALWAYS wearing a cardigan!! They look adorable with everything, complete an outfit, and keep you warm! I would have a few trendy cheaper cardis, and a few nicer quality solid ones.

 Forever 21:
Forever 21 is a great place to get trendier cardigans that you wont want to wear next year.  They are inexpensive enough to get a few, plus they don't need to be as good of quality.
Price: $15-30
When hearing the word nordstrom you might think- I cant afford that-however when only getting one or two its not that bad.  Its great for getting cardi's that you know you will wear the following year.
Price: $30-60
Jewery and belts:
Jewelry can easily make an outfit more put together and in style.  By spending about $40 on jewelry, you would have a good collection, with a variety. Belts are my secret weapon.  I am always wearing a belt with my outfits.  They play a trick with eyes that automatically screams "it took me a long time to get ready this morning!" when really it didn't!
Forever 21:
Forever 21 will provide just good enough quality.  Try to go for the pieces that you think can't creak that easily.  Stay away from feathers! For belts, you wont have a problem at all!

Price: $2-15

Nordstrom is good for getting layering bracelets and good quality necklaces.  I think Forever 21
is just fine for belts.  Also, the prices for their accessories are not that bad.
Price: $10-20
I hope this helped you guys!! Until next time...

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  1. you have a nice blog and I love the name, follow mine? Oh, and I have TONS of cardis'.

    xo, Hannah.